Spare Change

What I wanted
Was to write
The lines
That would say
How I had changed
Since I walked
Out of the rain
Instead I threw
Three quarters
Into a callused palm
And continued on my way


The Other Side

Knives for teeth when they said, “Eat cake,”
And their eyes reflected an ivory tower,
The vision caught in a silver spoon they could not grasp,
That even their sugared fingers could not hold.

Still they stretched and lunged and clawed,
Until their eyes turned thin and their bodies bent,
Shaped like arch-backed cats on a crooked fence,
They’d shatter the night with their jealous wails,
A cruel song sent up shivering spines and back again.

Shrieking until the world echoed with their violent vibrations,
With knives for teeth they cried, “Eat cake,”
And watched the tower crumble into the dark ocean
From the bulging view of a spoon in a cereal bowl.