Dahlia, fingers on a gun
Pull the trigger faster than I can run
Dahlia knows it has to end
But I was hoping we could pretend

Sick summer days
I’m bleeding out
Sad sweaty games
I had no doubt

Dahlia where did we go wrong?
Thought I found a place where I’d belong
Dahlia says I’ll be okay
But I know it’s a dangerous game to play

Dahlia can’t you see
It all belongs to me
The stars and sun
Lost and won
Your life and time
Dahlia you’ll be mine

Can’t we give this one last try?
Can’t you look me in the eyes
And say I’m still the same?
Dahlia please tell me and I’ll take the blame

Dahlia don’t you know it’s me?
Between the melting sugar sheets
In the air and in your breath
Where every sip of you is death
In the heat, long days unfold
These apple eyes are growing old

Dahlia, violent light and dark
Under street lamps in an empty park
Dahlia sweet and Dahlia good
Take me back, I knew you would


6 thoughts on “Dahlia

  1. I love the pace, rhythm, and vision this poem conjures. I think of the flower and Elizabeth Short – The Black Dahlia, and wonder about what is not said in the poem. That adds a bit of intrigue. Well done!


  2. I must have missed your comment, I’m sorry! I appreciate your insight, thank you so much! I’m glad you enjoyed my poem and found it to be as intriguing as I hoped it would be.


  3. Hi poulakose! Very different from the other posts I’ve commented on. But in a good way!! You pick up the pace. Which immediately draws the reader in. As one comment says above – you tell a story. A vivid story. Really enjoyed this. Thank you. Be blessed – Reuben.xx

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