Pinhole Camera

Oatmeal tin
On the sidewalk 
And the photo paper within
Warps the shapes
Of negative vision
In black and white
Clear cut images
Of a twisted world
Burnt earth and sky
Against bent bricks
And broken bones
Sacrilegious scene
Between heaven and home

Love in Ten Lines Challenge

The incredibly talented and prolific blogger at Crumpled Paper Cranes was kind enough to invite me to join the “Love in Ten Lines” poetry challenge. The guidelines, for anyone else who would like to try are:

1. Write about love using only ten lines.
2. Use “love” in every line.
3. Each line can only be 4 words long (argh).
4. Nominate around ten others who would be interested in the challenge.
5. Let ’em know you nominated them.
6. Title the post “Love in Ten Lines.”
7. Include a quote ’bout love.

It seemed easy enough, but the restrictions were somewhat difficult to work with. Anyways, this is what I managed to put together:


In raindrops love falls,
Love in torrential sheets,
Plummeting, pouring, love pounds
Love into porous soil.

Love on heart-shaped balloons,
Hovering, love is heaviest
Bending, breaking love seizes.

Love above and under,
Love casting sunset shadows,
Blind, love is light.

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All of these blogs are wonderful and their authors have given me great insight and feedback on my own writing. I look forward to seeing the directions they take this challenge in.
Anyone can join in if they’d like though. If you come across this post and want to try it yourself I’d love to see what you write! Just comment with the link to your post.


Wind rolls over cotton coated hills,
Branches still bare, but begging to burst.
Beneath the shadow of a milky sun,
A pollen haze churns the Earth
And twists their hands together.