Speak loud
Or let them see how the weight you carry
Is dragging you under
Bending to breaking
Chains around your ankles
And the sweat on your shoulders
Dripping into
The ocean of entrails you tore
From your own abdomen
When they hate
Your voice
Carries too much
Spreads too far
It carries your pride and pain and they fear your humanity
Alive still
When they held your head down
And beat your bones
And no one believed that such pretty faces
Could be so cruel
They were beautiful
But you are too
Bruises and scars mark your skin
But you rise and rise
A wounded sun over endless days
They could never understand the load you bore
Slip from the numb flesh they fit you in
Cut away the walls you built
Let the light in like when you were young
Feel every breath
The blood flow in your veins
The burn in your stomach
The ache in your brain
Go back to that dark place
They locked you in
Ever again


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