Magnolia Summers

The mockingbird in the red roses
Builds a nest above the flood
When summer flows in
With thunderstorms and pounding rain
Over the Potomac peninsula
Where the magnolia tree blossomed
And fell in white streams to the earth
That the brown toads slept beneath
Until mother ran the lawn mower over them
And brain and bone sprayed her boots
The scent of gasoline on dry grass
Permeated by the sweet spice of magnolia
Intoxicated legs and limbs under an endless sun
To run and dance through clouds of nibbling mosquitoes
Interpreting the ancient morse code of fireflies
Until the moon burst from behind the oak and pine trees
The ones that would fall in the summer storms
With monolithic thuds
Leaving children trembling in blankets on the floor

11 thoughts on “Magnolia Summers

  1. Teminds me of tomes with my grandmother as a child. In a small Louisiana town the ditches were eath and grass. She would let us play in the rain and in the ditches filled with the fresh rushing water. A coonass – redneck waterpark. Great fun.

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    1. I’m glad I reminded you about a time from your childhood. These are some memories I had of my childhood, so it’s interesting to see how they can relate.

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