There is the space in between
Two dark curves of parentheses
Where every sign of life resides
In charcoal ink as ovals and lines

Between the subtle curves that rest
Clots of black smear and spread
Across the breast and over the womb
All existence between birth and tomb

These brackets warp to contain
Memories of love and pain
Stretching wide to hold every word
From baby’s cry to funeral dirge

When the weight becomes too much
Pages crumble with a gentle touch
They tumble into small seas of tears
And watch the ink stains disappear


11 thoughts on “(Parentheses)

  1. Very good poem. It brings to mind a thought…
    While we were in the womb, it was the world we knew and the sounds and senses of beyond were a universe unknowingly waiting to be discovered. We had a moment of transcendence and we were born into this world. The universe known to us, expanded.
    A reason to wonder if there is more.

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  2. what an insightful comment dinoclestino made … it must be gratifying to inspire such deeper levels of thinking expressed so clearly …. i think this is what art and creativity is all about …. take care … ks

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