Sunlight shines in her eyes through the window smeared with her small, greasy handprints. It tousles her short golden curls and warms the skin on her plump cheeks and nose. Her feet bump up in down in rhythm with the pounding drums and guitars that her mother plays on the radio.
The metal music throbs in the mother’s chest, rocking her body back and forth while she punches out the frenzied beat on the vinyl steering wheel. It had been so long since she’d listened to this kind of music.
He never liked it. He called it garbage and insisted it wasn’t acceptable for their daughter to hear, so normally she drove in silence.
Although, sometimes the wind would roll across the car cabin with such ferocity that it would remind her of the music she once burned into her eardrums. It wasn’t the same as the real thing though, and now that she didn’t give a shit about him anymore she could drive around for hours with her music blaring.
She drove with the windows down and an unlit cigarette between her lips, removing it on occasion to scream out some of the few lyrics she still remembered. Her daughter kicked along until the sky went dark and she fell asleep with the violent rhythms echoing in her chest. The mother drove on until the sky turned pink and all she could see were ripples of light and shadow across her vision.
She pulled into the motel parking lot and stepped out of the car to light a soggy cigarette. The smoke billowed from her lips. Between the plumes she found that the vision of her husband lying next to the caramel woman had blurred into a foggy memory.
Yesterday was dead, buried in burning sheets and melting rhythms.

22 thoughts on “Metal

      1. That’s the thing with great writers: Most of them don’t think of their work as good, most of them think what they’ve produced is bad or at least not as good as the audience thinks it really is. For them, writing simply comes so naturally, that they can’t really see, what the audience is seeing in their writing.
        Just saying: You’re definitely one of those writers! 😉

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      2. I always enjoy interacting with the blogges I follow, I enjoy giving feedback and let them know what I think.
        It’s much better than simply clicking the like button. 😉
        You’re welcome! 🙂

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  1. Such a short story, and yet so beautifully written. I thoroughly enjoyed it very much. As always, looking forward to your writing. It would be amazing if you could check out my latest poem and leave a comment as well? Thank you very much and happy writing! (-:

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I visited your blog and I was not disappointed. Your writing is so extraordinarily beautiful. It seems so delicate but it holds so much emotion. I honestly can’t get over how amazing your writing is. Thank you for sharing!

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