Boxed In Days

The edges were closing in on me,
Cardboard walls around my head.
Shades of brown were all I could see,
Fit in a coffin like I was dead.

Too young to live but too rare to die,
Through the dark my vision blurred.
Fish swam across my mind’s eye,
Scales painting the walls of my world.

Lungs gulping fragments of light,
Faint glimmers sunk down my throat.
Dripping down in the murky night,
From my box I built a cardboard boat.

The tides beat against my weary ship,
Each wave tore it a little more.
The pushes and pulls made it tip,
And I washed up on a barren shore.

The lions came to drink from my veins,
Each sweet sip cut deeper down.
I become a thin corpse fully drained,
Into the river I was thrown to drown.

Floating in the milky depths, I drank,
Filling up with unearthly juice.
My body became heavy and I sank,
At the bottom I had to choose.

The burning light awaited up above,
There was pain there but beauty too.
Here below lay my simple love,
The cool solitude I once knew.

I craved the safety of my box again,
For the serene loneliness to return.
But my bones commanded I ascend
Back to the light despite the burn.

I kicked until my lungs were aching,
My legs twisting into scales and fins.
My body on the verge of breaking,
I became a fish and learned to swim.

I dragged myself up from the water,
Returned to life there on the sand.
The stars above called me daughter,
Let their pale light skim my hand.

I found my strength and walked along
Through the forest to the lions’ den.
In the trees, dark birds sang a song
Telling me I should know better then.

I marched on and spied the cave,
The lions lay deep in sleep within.
I entered with no weapon but my rage
And left behind a dozen skinned.

I dream tonight wrapped in their furs,
Echoes of my boxed in days appear.
They are no more than distant blurs
Now that I am liberated from my fear.

21 thoughts on “Boxed In Days

  1. Such a great poem! The stanzas work so well, your metaphors are so good. I especially love the use of fish in contrast. “Scales painting the walls of my world.” “Lungs gulping fragments of light.” The lions, use of symbolism, and the telling of a meaningful story and emotional experience. Thank you for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. jesus christ …! supreme … no thanks necessary …

    too many images to
    absorb …
    overflowing thought from
    memories new
    challenges new worlds to
    explore and
    conquer … rebirth, escape to
    freedom broken teeth that tore the
    flesh you wear it now your
    prize … congratulations ….. ks

    Liked by 1 person

      1. liked it ?? i’m in awe of it … don’t be throwing these away now … i use my blog as a file cabinet …

        wull … i hope you are getting what you want … (you are) … so far ahead and yet …… you’ve only just begun …. ks


      2. I won’t throw these out. Most of these are ones I actually like. I’m trying to write every day now if I don’t like what comes out. That’s how I wrote this, it was stream of conscious and then it started to fit together.


      3. don’t throw anything out anymore … it might fit together later …. unless you know it never will …

        on another note: sometimes i’ll ‘overwork’ something and it loses its character …

        sometimes .things are better in their more ”rough or more primitive’ form … at least for me ….. personally … i have yet to read anything as impressive and wonderful as the ‘box’ piece … it twirls through space with images and thought variations … ks

        Liked by 1 person

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