I’ll just lay here and die
Feasting flesh, don’t lie
You like it when I bleed
Crave it, feel the need
Holding down my head
Bullets, rain and lead
Nothing in my veins
Tearing out my brains
Skin torn to the bone
Feel it turn to stone
Twisting in my back
Burning red and black
Shiver, aching spine
Cling to what is mine

12 thoughts on “Bitter

      1. Compliment ! that was more like a
        reaffirmation of your entire
        life …!!
        just kidding .,.. or … wull know what i mean … anyway .,.. you are no longer writing in a vacuum ! .,.. i think i’ll slowly work my way backward … good luck .,.. have fun … your work is beautiful ,..ks

        Liked by 1 person

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