Amusement Park in July

Helios climbs over plastic skylines
Suburban wastelands rot away
Sweating faces glare behind melting glass
Bodies pickled in stinking fluids
Drenched days ache out every orifice

The stench of summer clings to skin
Styx flows beneath, cool and sweet
Tempting a swim of eternal relief
Where bodies splash in the infinite flow

Fingertips stretch and scratch
Tears and sweat drip from fluid faces
Stomachs ache and wretch and spill
Idle smiles line vomit paved streets

Footsteps sink into the asphalt
Lowering lingering souls into Hades
The piper plays a sterile melody
Cacophonous crowds march ever on

Sugared and salted fingers intertwine
Venom clings to stolen tongues
The sweetest poison by which to die

Souls collected under a waning moon
Burnt red shadows parade away
Darkness settles on an infinite cycle


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