Solvent Solution

Within the beast and belly lay I,
Pray my soul with my flesh won’t die.
All misery must meet its death,
But still have I years to my last breath.

The seas have yet to split for me,
Nor has Judas been made my enemy.
Still I drink of water, not wine,
And must wait to call an empire mine.

Kings and queens lay at my feet,
But yet have I to taste bitter defeat.
No knife rests in my back tonight,
Still seek I legendary gates of white.

Make it come could I so quick,
Mortality lies within my tentative grip.
Greatness sought but not achieved,
One death vanquishes all my enemies.

While they rage on, above I laugh,
Eternal freedom captured in my grasp.
A rope, a knife, a sip, a shot,
My life a memory long since forgot.

6 thoughts on “Solvent Solution

  1. Is this not why we write, so those memories bonded in eternal time… For me it was a gift from another blogger, whom touch me with her poetry, until that day i have never written a poem…

    Thank you for dropping by to have a read.

    Liked by 1 person

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