Winter in the District

Five feet apart, three strangers between us,
I feel so alone with your hands just inches from mine.

The cold kisses the district and thinks she might stay the winter,
But she feels so alone in this pastel city
With your skin shivering away from her icy grasp.

My hands red and reaching, but not quite daring to touch
Because this frigid air between us is fragile,
The glassy surface warps my face and the words I want to whisper
While you stand near the fire and tell me how alone you are.

This cold is suffocating, freezing lips and lungs together,
Her fingers stroking the Potomac, stirring dreams of California beaches
Beckoning for you, while I stand silent in the street,
Praying to a God I outgrew years ago
For you to stay.


5 thoughts on “Winter in the District

  1. i can’t make the connections … ” … the cold kisses the district and thinks … ” ? then, first person to third person at the end .,.. ?? i feel the loneliness and alienation .. but would like to feel it with a little more clarity …. what am i missing ? ….. ks

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  2. I can see how this one is a little confusing. I wrote it more stream of thought than I normally do. But the cold is a stand in for the narrator, while the district is a stand in for the other person. They are sort if interchangeable, with the cold doing what the narrator cannot. Also if it helps the district this is about is Washington DC. If you need more clarification, just let me know!


  3. OH!! the cold kisses the district !!! got it !!! i guess it wasn’t THAT cold ….. didn’t read your response .. figured it out all by myself …. NOW i’ll read your response …. ks oh … (after reading … ) now i have to start all over again ….. just kidding … thanks …. lost comment wasn’t mine it was yours …. have a merry … mary? … marry ? ks

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