Summer Revisited

Above the smoke of Babylon
White fence wars are raging on
Collared men face faithless wives
With red hands and kitchen knives

The children lie with haloed heads
Dressed in madras sheeted beds
A sphaira tucked in each tender fist
A gilded globe, a bleeding wrist

Voices shatter the red brick facade
Silhouettes in a shadowed mirage
Bodies thrust and bend and break
Quiet now, for the children’s sake

Letters written in the burning sands
Folded fingers, slipping hands
Grasping at the blackened edges
Crumbling dreams of privet hedges

Paradise lies beyond this failing world
Frail men in suits chasing frailer girls
Caught in the glow of orgastic eyes
Smiling wide through teeth and lies

Beyond Ishtah’s gaze in Nineveh
A watery rebirth, pure and raw
Children squealing out in heat
Seersucker skin, Lydia’s treat

Stretching limbs across a sandy lawn
Silly children, mother calls at dawn
The moon sucks away at the sea
Tearing wasps away from the beach

Bracing for dear August’s death
Cold is catching, it’s in his breath
Come now, come now, run away
Golden summers fade to grey.

12 thoughts on “Summer Revisited

  1. i want more ….

    driving past a sea of
    words vast oceans of inanity
    stopping occasionally the
    sky breaks the sun
    speaks through something broad and
    new on the horizon of
    thought and sight spoken from
    afar past simple words and
    meaning … it’s so nice to read
    gems where before there was no
    only a vast waste land …

    very few do i read that i even
    like … so far yours i
    love …. thanks for making yourself known … ks

    Liked by 1 person

      1. wull … i guess poetry is about
        “what you guess” … isn’t it … ? too bad it isn’t
        usually about
        ”what you guess” …

        i should talk …. i like to tell
        stories … but not
        always …

        thanks again for being a
        fresh of breath
        air …. ks

        Liked by 1 person

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