Corpse is a Painful Word to Say Out Loud

it’s hard to breathe with a corpse like a string tied around your index finger
resting in a web of white sheets tangled across its sunken chest

in the same room while you try not to hear the droning thud of your own heart
through the silence reminding you that you could be lying there instead
and your own days are numbered into patterns of lubs and dubs

a funeral march that beats in your chest and is echoed by the watch on your wrist
and in the rhythms of footsteps and laughter and rain
in winter nights that come early and the darkness outside that paints the white walls

in shades of rose like the color of skin hot and burning
on the receding face of a man who is suffocating in his own body and eaten alive
by his own flesh until all that remains is a corpse

stretched across a shallow bed in a hollow room that reeks of death and disinfectant
unknowing that he once smiled and moved and touched and knew

the scent of earth and wind and sunlight between the branches of elms and oaks on his skin
even as it slowly shrivels against his rigid bones

you remember who he was before but it’s so hard to forget what he is now
because the man draped in white
is not human anymore

6 thoughts on “Corpse is a Painful Word to Say Out Loud

  1. i think your your words and thoughts and
    visions and concepts and meaning beneath the
    layers of kindled fire warm the inspiration of the
    chimes inside my mind they strike
    notes creating
    visions and visions striking notes an endless stream of
    visual delight and meaning not far
    beneath ….

    i think you are wonderful … the words you choose are
    ”you” … the thoughts you show the world each
    step another sight to see ….

    your thoughts and dreams are
    wonderful … a delight for me to see ….. seriously .,.. the best
    that i’ve seen so far among the bullshit
    brambles of imitation … …. visions so sharp and
    clear so
    well defined above the abstract world of
    living … a lotta good stuff to
    think about …

    so …. who am i to say … i’m not one to
    judge and wouldn’t normally … who am i ? …. i must break the
    mold … i think your work is
    wonderful … a wonder to
    behold … i’m thinking you are
    gifted …. the visions you give to
    me … your gifts for all to
    see …….. ks

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